Moving is often a very stressful endeavor, which is why many people hire movers in order to help reduce the stress. Movers can make some lucrative money, but there are some requirements before you and your friends can start moving furniture for cash. Find out if you would like to start up your very own moving service as a way to make extra cash or even have as your full time job.

The Practical Requirements of being a mover

As a mover, there are a few traits that you must possess in order to do your job well. One of those traits is muscle. You and your fellow employees must have the physical capability to lift and move large objects onto and off of moving trucks, or throw them in dumpsters. Finding the right companies to work with in each city (so you don’t wait last minute to search “rent rolloff dumpster Atlanta“) keeps you from working with strangers and keeps projects on time. Many people that move do not have the ability themselves or don’t have access to friends or family members that can help, which is why they often seek out moving companies in the first place. If you have any medical conditions in which lifting and pushing heavy objects could lead to complications, like heart conditions or severe asthma, the moving business is probably not a good option for you.

Another key factor that movers need is the ability to practice caution and protect your customer’s belongings. If you have careless movers that break or damage your customer’s personal items, word will get out and you will not be in the moving business for long. Make sure that you have the financial means to get the equipment that you need in order to secure your customer’s items. If you really want to become a serious mover you should also consider getting an insurance policy to cover any damaged property of your customers, so if a accident should happen you can replace the item and leave a positive impression on your customers.

If you want to be a mover you will want to make sure that you have the right equipment. This includes things like a covered truck, trailers, tarps, plastic wrapping, boxes, and straps. This equipment allows you to deliver your customer’s property from one location to another in one piece. While the initial investment into these items may be quite costly, these things will eventually pay for themselves.

Certification and Legal Requirements for a mover

Each individual state has their very own laws for movers, but they all require CDL licenses for any kind of commercial vehicle such as a large covered trucks. If you intend to cross state lines with your moving cargo you will also need to register with the United States Department of Transportation and obtain a  USDOT number. If you intend to provide the option to customers to move them internationally into Canada or Mexico, you will also need to check on these requirements.You can also obtain a professional certification to through the American Moving and Storage Association. Any of your employees can also earn their certification as packers and loaders. This certification will set your business apart and will have potential customers view you as more professional and trustworthy.


If you think that moving may still be the business for you, there are many online communities for professional movers that can help you answer any specific questions that you may have about becoming a mover. A mover details the rougher parts of the job in his article “My painful sweaty,scary life as a mover” in a <em>Boston Globe </em>article. Being a professional mover, especially as an owner-operator can be a very lucrative job.